Hydraulic & Pneumatic Seals

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Seals come in various forms (details below), and can be made from an array of materials including as polyurethane, rubber or PTFE. The material type is determined by specific conditions such as fluid type, pressure or temperature. Hydraulic and Pneumatic seals are either Piston Working or Rod Working.

Piston seals are designed to seal between a piston and a cylinder bore. They are either single-acting seals, which means the stress acts only on one side; and double-acting seals, which means the stress acts on both sides.

Rod Seals, also known as Gland Seals, or Neck Seals are designed to seal between the rod and the gland in a cylinder. They maintain a seal with the piston rod in dynamic motion.

DT Seals offer an extensive range of Hydraulic and Pneumatic seals either from stock, or made to order to suit your specific application.