O Rings

O’Rings are one of the most commonly used products in sealing. O’Rings are reasonably inexpensive, reliable and readily available.

We stock all our O’Rings in a number of different materials: Nitrile, Fluorocarbon, EPDM, Neoprene, Silicone, PTFE and Perfluroelastomers, dependent on the application.

If the O’Ring you require does not fall into one of the standard sizes and is needed urgently, we can also offer a hot vulcanised jointing service, where the O’Ring will be made to your specific dimensions. If a hot vulcanised O’Ring is not suitable we can also offer non standard sizes moulded in the material you require. Our extensive range of O’Rings and Back Up Rings includes both Imperial and Metric sizes, in various shore hardness.

In addition, we can also offer O’Rings with an “X” Section, commonly known as Quad Rings, or X Rings.

If you need a range of O’Rings, why not buy one of our pre-packed box sets – available in Metric and Imperial Sizes, and in a range of materials?