Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM)

Perfluoroelastomer (FFKM) have a number of unique properties, offering several benefits. FFKM offers excellent heat, chemical and acid resistance. FFKM is suitable for a wide range of applications where other polymers are not suitable. Most commonly used in chemical processing, jet engines, petroleum refining and pharmaceutical industries. FFKM is generally not suitable for molten or gaseous alkali metals.

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DT Seals Ref  Colour Temperature Range Shore Hardness Notes
DTS694 Black -25°C to + 270°C 60 Standard Compound
DTS697 Black -30°C to + 240°C 60 Low Temperature Application
DTS695 White -15°C to + 300°C 60 High Temperature Application
DTS794 Black -25°C to + 270°C 70 Standard Compound
DTS7FD Black -15°C to + 270°C 75 FDA USP Class V1 3A
DTSB7LT White -30°C to + 240°C 70 Low Temperature Application
DTSB7HC White -20°C to + 260°C 70 High Temperature Application
DTS7LT Black -40°C to + 270°C 75 Low Temperature Application
DTS7HC Black -20°C to + 260°C 75 Ammine + Hot Water
DTS894 Black -20°C to + 270°C 75 Standard Compound
DTS8CS Black -15°C to + 270°C 75 Low Compression Set
DTS896 Black -15°C to + 330°C 75 High Temperature Application
DTS897 Black -30°C to + 240°C 75 Low Temperature Application

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